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Welcome to Derek Davies's Page

Derek Davies

Derek Davies

I wanted to let you know about an initiative that I am helping to spearhead within ST&O. We’ve set up a Build Day on June 21st where myself and eleven other brave souls from ST&O will participate in the construction of a home in Radisson Heights.

Prior to joining Suncor, I volunteered frequently with Habitat. Swinging a hammer or working in their retail store was a common occurrence for me. Unfortunately my day job at Suncor has kept me sufficiently busy to a point where the opportunities to help out at Habitat are more limited. As such, I wanted to see what else I could do. Sponsoring a Build Day was an opportunity for me to continue on with Habitat and hopefully help out.

By way of background for those folks not familiar with Habitat for Humanity, it is a wonderful charity that helps families build strength, stability and independence through affordable home ownership. With the help of sponsors, donors, community partners and volunteers, Habitat builds homes and help families enter the housing market by purchasing homes through an affordable mortgage. Home ownership builds long-term stability and independence for families, while offering lasting, tangible benefits to our entire community.

Habitat homeowners build their own homes alongside experienced staff and volunteers, and purchase their homes with a no down-payment, no-interest mortgage, giving them financial stability to build better futures. Their monthly mortgage payments are used to build more homes for more families, creating a cycle of paying-it-forward. A bundle of more information can be found at
Habitat is an entity that I am passionate about. My ask is very simple, help out if you can. Every donation to the page of $20 or more will automatically receive a tax receipt.
- Derek


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