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My Habitat Build Days Fundraising Page

Philippe Majerech

Philippe Majerech

Thank you for supporting Habitat for Humanity! I'm thrilled to be raising money to help build strength and long-term stability for families right here in Calgary!

I know how hard it is to get your foot in the door to buy a home with the price of Calgary's Real Estate. This is giving hard working people, trying to raise a family, an oppurtunity to buy their own home!

These people who apply for Habitat for humanity must qualify with many prerequisites including one important prerequisite, that they currently have a job to make the mortgage payments. They must dedicate hours of their time for other Habitat for Humanity houses to be built in the future.

"We have stopped thinking and are starting to live the dream." - Amsale, Future Habitat Homeowner

If I was needing assistance I would rather have you educate me on how to build a sustainable garden, then just hand me vegetables, so I could feed my family and gain my families independence.

Thanks for your support, no matter how much you give, every cent is billions of love to me!

Philippe Majerech


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