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My Habitat Build Days Fundraising Page

Marie-Pier Fortin

Marie-Pier Fortin

Thank you for supporting my Build Day at Habitat.  I'm thrilled to be raising money to help build strength and long-term stability for families right here in Calgary!

"We have stopped thinking and are starting to live the dream." - Amsale, Future Habitat Homeowner

Habitat for Humanity Build Days are a fun and engaging way for groups to come together to address the need for affordable home ownership in Calgary.  I appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make dreams come true! Best - Marie-Pier


raised of $125 goal

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1. Matt Barry
2. Sean Conroy
3. Marie-Pier Fortin
4. Amanda Ku
5. Catherine Moseley
this is a good thing. Way to go MP -we are proud of you!
6. Nancy Dicken
Way to go MP..always a champion!!
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