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My Women Build Presented by TC Energy Fundraising Page

Paula Sexsmith

Paula Sexsmith

Thank you for supporting Habitat for Humanity's Women Build.  I'm thrilled to be raising money to help build strength and long-term stability for families right here in Calgary!

“When I told my kids the good news, I could see the big smiles on their faces, and they started making plans for how their bedrooms will look." - Ana, Future Habitat Homeowner

Women Build gives our community the chance to come together to address the need of affordable home ownership in Calgary.  I appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make dreams come true! Best - Paula


raised of $350 goal

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1. Diana McCallum
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My daughter works for Viewpoint Investments, and it is she who forwarded a request for a donation.
5. Wade Koehler
6. Paula Sexsmith
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