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Brittany's 1st Ride Through The Rockies with Qualico & Habitat For Humanity - 2023 Fundraising Page

Brittany Saunders

Brittany Saunders

Hey everyone,

Thank you for supporting my VERY 1st Ride Through The Rockies in support of Habitat for Humanity! I'm thrilled to be helping raise money to help strengthen and build long-term stability for families in Southern Alberta!

I chose to be daring by enrolling in this endeavor as it supports what I believe in and my goals both personally & professionally. I will be challenged but look forward to enhancing my relationships with all of the other riders, people in the industry, Qualico, Star Building Materials and Habitat for Humanity while representing my company, Schneider Electric and myself.

I appreciate ALL of the support I get.
Together we can make dreams come true!

Stay tuned for updates.


Brittany Saunders
Residential Business Development Rep - Western Canada
Schneider Electric

When The Going Gets Tough - The Tough Get Going... Lot's of interesting events recently including: bad luck, mistakes, extreme smoke and more but by the 18th I am hoping things get better! Let's RIDE!


Time on the golf course is great but I think I like biking more! #EDMONTON #GOLF

I've been busy on the road, travelling for work, networking and meeting with builders/developers. The ride isn't far away so my goal for the next few weeks is to get as strong as possible. I want to be prepared for this ride so need to invest time!


raised of $5,500 goal

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