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Rein's Ride Through The Rockies 2020 Fundraising Page

Rein Wolters

Rein Wolters

Thank you for taking a minute to read my page supporting  Rein's Ride Through The Rockies 2020. 

One of the biggest challenges my wife and I faced, when we decided to move back to Canada from Holland with our two teenagers, was to save enough money for a down payment on a house while paying rent. With both of us working we were eventually able to reach our financial goals to own a house for our family.

Sadly, this is not always possible for families in Calgary.

Habitat for Humanity helps to remove this barrier through a no-down-payment, no-interest mortgage for families. Another important aspect is that each partner family invests 500 volunteer hours into building their home. Ultimately, home ownership has many positive impacts on the overall health, stability and success of a family.

All of your donations go directly towards the cost of building homes because the Restores cover nearly 100 percent of the administration costs.

So, family and friends, I will bike 100 km on Saturday, August 22 in support of Habitat for Humanity. I am asking you to give what you can to this wonderful organization.

All the Best - Rein

Thanks everyone for your contribution, that is truly awesome to have raised $2,020 two days before the start of the ride! Of course, I felt like adjusting my goal raising the bar to $2,500. If you can, please contribute to this great cause.


Wow, way past the goal of the weekend, past the $1,000 milestone and now so close to $1,500! Less than a week to go. Thanks so much for the support from everyone, really appreciated!


raised of $2,500 goal

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Ride on, Rein!